Focused Pain Relief Sessions


If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, or experience joint restriction; I provide focused pain relief sessions to treat your problem.  During your session you may recieve Vibrational Fascial Relief Technique (VFRT), Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) and/or Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT) as needed to resolve your issues.  These session can be performed fully clothed. If you have multiple areas of pain or dysfunction only one area is generally worked on per session.  Find out how easy it can be to live pain free!



Vibrational Fascial Relief Technique (VFRT)


Vibrational Fascia Release Technique(TM) uses weighted tuning forks on the body to release pressurized fluid from tissue which can help to relieve pain, restore joint mobility and reverse physical ailments.  This groundbreaking technique can quickly resolve longstanding conditions and is an effective approach to treating soft tissue injuries.


This work is done fully clothed and is easily combined with NRT (seee below) to provide immediate and effective pain relief.


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Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)


Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)  is an unbelievably effective way to manipulate the nervous system to cause a "resetting" in a tight muscle so it can return to it's original, healthy tonus in just minutes thereby alleviating pain, increasing circulation and improving range of motion.


The work is done with client partcipation while laying on a massage table.  It is quick and comfortable and pain relief can come in seconds with no deep pressure required.


Although, NRT is based on basic laws of anatomy and neurology it feels like magic.  If you have muscular pain or tightness you'll be amazed by this fun and easy approach to pain relief!


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Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT)


Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT)  is a method of removing the charge of trauma from tissues and reconnecting tissues to the Sensory Motor Cortex of the brain.  It, also, can work with improving nerve and qi health.


Oscillating plasma fields are used to imprint quantum field information into a peice of copper enclosed in a vinyl pad.  These pads (QAT devices) are then used to facilliate the body in making the changes it needs to move it toward healing,  thereby relieving pain and improving joint mobility.


The original technology was developed by two Russian physicists, Dr. Yury Chronn and Dr. Igor Nazarov. Dr. Mark Metus then developed the framework for this modality with Lawrence Woods revising and teaching it throughout the world.


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Rebecca is trained and certified in VFRT, NRT and QAT from the respective training organization's which teach these methods.  See her BIO for more info.

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