Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During a Whole Body Healing Session?

Every session generally starts out with a little bit of conversation about your health goals and desires.  After that you lay fully clothed on a massage table and relax.  The session will begin with using the BodyTalk System to set priority and start the reconnection process for better balance, however, other modalities may be introduced as needed to best support your healing.


Why is BodyTalk the Foundation of Your Whole Body Healing Sessions?

The BodyTalk System is the platform from which the entire Healing Session takes places because of the way in which it works with your priorities.  You are unique and what will work for you may not work for another.  By using The BodyTalk System's priority based protocol I am able able to draw from my vast array of tools to find just the right thing that will help your body restore itself to health.  My approach recognizes and values The BodyTalk System as the "door-way" into knowing what is just right for you.


Do I Get Undressed?

No, all Whole Body Healing Sessions are done fully clothed while you relax on a massage table.  None of the modalities that I use for my sessions require disrobing and no muscle tissue will be manipulated as in the traditional bodywork that I, also, offer. However, it is recommended that you wear loose fitting, relaxing clothes for your session as I may need to lightly touch acupunture points at times.  Most sessions last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  An initial session typically last 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

How Will I Feel During & After A Session?

As the body shifts and starts the balancing process any number of experiences may occur.  Some people may notice sensations moving in their body, become deeply relaxed and even fall asleep during their session while other people may feel very little during the session.  


Since everyone is unique and the conditions and stressors that caused your symptoms are unique to you there is no way to predict what you may feel afterward.  If you have acute pain when you arrived for your session you may notice your pain is reduced or gone upon leaving.  Typically you will begin to notice positive shifts in your body and life as you receive my Whole Body Healing Sesssions.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Although some symptoms may disappear immediately after just one session, most people will need anywhere from 4 to 10 sessions to resolve the complaints for which they are seeking help.


My Whole Body Healing Sessions work by balancing your body and helping it to self-repair.   In addition, I am helping to restore communication within all the aspects of your being and there may be many layers to address, and this can not alway be achieved with one session.  Like peeling away the layers of an onion we can only address (or peel) so many layers in a session and the layers (imbalances) with utmost priority will be addresses first.


However, with each successive session you will begin to notice changes and improvements with the way you feel.  


Are Your Sessions Compatible with Traditional Medical Care or Other Types of Alternative Care?

Yes, my Whole Body Healing Sessions work in conjuction with any other type of care and do not interfere with traditional medical care or any other types of treatment you may be receiving.


How Do Distant Sessions Work?

For those who are not local I offer remote sessions.  These are done by phone and offer the same level of healing as in person sessions allow. Prices are the same as in person sessions.


Will My Insurance Cover Your Integrative Healing Sessions?

No, unfortunately at this time, many forms of wholistic and alternative medicine are not recognized by Insurance Carriers for reimbursement.  Thousands of dollars can be saved and the reduction of suffering can be eliminated when Americans begin to demand that their insurance company gives them the right to choose and be reimbursed for alternative treatments that work.


Will You Make Essential Oil Recommendations?

If you receieved Aroma Acupoint Therapy during your Whole Body Healing Session it is possible that the continued use of essentail oils at home will support the balancing that occured in your session. If it is appropriate, I will make recommendations that will support you on your health and wellness journey; while teaching you safe methods and applications for the use of essential oils in homecare.


Iceberg Analogy

Your symptoms are only what's visible on the surface.  The causes to your pain or condition is not always available to the eye.  Like the iceberg, we only see the tip and not all of what is making up the iceberg.  Using BodyTalk in my Whole Body Healing Sessions allows us to look below the surface and balance everything that contributes to your suffering.  We address the "whole being".






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