I help motivated individuals "Solve Their Symptoms" using cutting edge therapies that speed their Self-Healing.

You know your body can heal itself and your motivated to do what it takes, but improvement seems to be going slow or stalled....

Maybe it's time for some support


  • Are you tired of masking your symptoms with drugs?

  • Do you worry you'll never get better?
  • Have you tried multiple therapies, with little to no help?
  • Have you been told there is no cure for your symptoms?
  • Are you unable to deal with uncomfortable sensations any longer?
  • Are you afraid things might get worse?
  • Have you been told "You'll just have to live with it"?

Re-Awaken your Self Healing Ability 

"Man can not create a more intillegent Technology for Healing than the Human Body Itself"

Step 1

Click the button below to make your Appointment

Step 2

We will go over your concerns in an in-depth intake and ignite your body's healing at your first session

Step 3

You can expect some immediate relief along with a plan to get your body moving in the right direction

Kudos from Clients


Muscle and Tendon Health

"Rebecca's multi-modal form of healing has greatly increased the elasticity of my tendons and muscles.  Because I am constantly using my body when training my clients' and my own dogs in the sport of agility my body must stay in top shape. Thanks to Rebecca my body can take the demands I place upon it."


Emotional Release

"Hi Rebecca, I have to tell you what you did worked beautifully. After a few days I noticed that I never had bad feelings around my father or brother anymore. No more guilt. It is amazing because I was skeptical since nothing has worked before. I can't believe it went away with one session! Thanks so much and keep up the great work! " 

Start to understand your symptoms and work with your body to help bring it back to a state of health

Stubborn Symptoms Solved

Discover how your body really works and what your symptoms are trying to tell you.  With new clarity, even the most stubborn symptoms can shift.

Chronic Pain Relieved

Find relief from muscloskeletal pain and begin moving better.  Get back your health and your life.  You deserve to live pain free.

Mystery Illness Insight

You are not your diagnosis or your label.  Most mystery illnesses have their root in unprocessed trauma. Let go of what you no longer need and begin to unlock the root cause of your problems. 

Relax into Your Body

Simply recconnect with your body and take time to honor yourself.

Nervous System ReSet

Allow your system to come back into balance by having the nerves in your ear gently stimulated

You are seeking health.  I have the tools to help you.

Let me introduce myself....

My wholistic and multifacted approach addresses the root cause of your body's imbalance and allows for quicker healing on all levels.  Read more...

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