Testimonials/Case Studies using BodyTalk in Whole Body Healing Sessions with Rebecca



Client was diagnosed with costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone.  Pain can often last several weeks or longer.  Here is what the client emailed after one session.  "Hi Rebecca, Wow!  The NRT/Bodytalk session last night was awesome!!  I was sore last night, slept part of the night in the recliner but was able to finish out the night in bed.  Pain free today...a little tightness in the back but that's it!  Wow! Wow!  Wow!  THANK YOU!"  - T.M.

Depression/No Motivation

"I just wanted to say thank you so much, my last session was amazing. I felt changes in my body right away which was wonderful but mentally and emotionally I am seeing improvements everyday. The only way I can describe it, is that it feels like a fog that has been surrounding me is starting to lift.  I regret not having done it sooner and doubting that it would work as well remotely, because it certainly did!" ~ B.S.

Balancing Blood Sugar

"Rebecca…you are amazing!  I feel sooooo good now.  After Sat session I checked my glucose all day and it was pretty good within my limits but the best thing was I felt good and my head was so clear." - J.W.

Hospital Phobia

"Ever since my brother's hospitalization, when I was 8 years old, when I would walk into any medical facility, I would have a full body stress reaction - every cell of my body would scream to leave.  Traditional therapy had led me to understand this on a mental level, but the emotional and physical reactions would still occur.  Since I currently work for an outpatient clinic, it was very challenging for me to walk into the clinic, be around the patients, and work effectively with the front line caregivers -- all leading me to wonder if a job search was in my future.  Through an incredible BodyTalk session, I was able to overcome my physical and emotional reactions to walking into the clinic.  Now all I feel when I walk into a medical facility is calm.  I am so thankful to have experienced this incredible healing through BodyTalk.  I am free of the stress I used to feel on a mental, emotional, and physical level!" ~ Tina M.

Emergency Help for Stomach Upset

"BodyTalk is just amazing.  I called to receive emergency help for an issue I was having with my stomach.  Something had irritated it, and I kept throwing up and could not get water or food down for 4 hours.  I was really quite worried.  After one session of BodyTalk over the phone, I was able to drink liquid in ten minutes and food within the hour.  I stopped throwing up and everything just calmed right down.  It was such a relief.  I felt like a miracle had happened.  Thank your for this miracle."  - Diane C.

Pre-Surgery Session

"Thank you for the pre-dental appointment body talk!!!!!  It made a huge difference in the experience.  I was not at all anxious or nervous on the trip (to the dentist).  When I got in the chair I was relaxed, even before the nitrous gas started.  The extraction went smoothly.  The only thing I felt was sleepy.
We picked up 2 prescriptions on the way home (Vicodan for pain and Antibiotics just because he always prescribes 'em).  The novacain wore off in about 5 hours but during that time and after, all evening in fact, NO PAIN.  Well, maybe a pain level of one for a short time.  WOW!  I'm not taken either prescription----don't need the pain relief and since there is no infection, can't see messing up my system with antibiotics (4 caps a day for 10 days). YUK! No thanks!
So I repeat, THANKS!" - Lois S.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
“I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for several years. During one of my attacks I had a BodyTalk session and my tight breathing improved tremendously. When nothing else seemed to work, I received instant relief - and it was all done over the phone!
I have since had numerous sessions over the phone and I don’t know what I would do without BodyTalk. I feel calmer and more at peace after every session. Some of the things that have been uncovered about my past that are partly to cause for my anxiety today have been truly illuminating. It’s amazing, thank you so much!” - K.S.

Abdominal Pain
 “I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain at the start of 2010. I had a remote BodyTalk session with Rebecca, during which time we focused on my stomach. The next day, less than 24 hours after my session, I experienced immense relief as my abdomen pain entirely disappeared.  I credit my session with Rebecca for helping me discover the cause of my pain and allowing my body to heal itself.   I could have suffered a very different end result if not for my “miracle” encounter with BodyTalk and Rebecca Maxcy.” - Sharon S.

Allergies/Sinus Headaches

"I enthusiastically recommend BodyTalk with Rebecca as an effective, amazing and magical process.  I went in to see Rebecca for relief from food sensitivities and allergies and got almost instant relief, especially from sinus headaches.  Over the course of a few sessions we uncovered several imbalances and addressed them on the spot.  It’s a very efficient process and I also appreciate the depth and complexity of all the layers and dimensions of one’s being that it addresses.  Rebecca is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and practical in her approach and a joy to be with!"  -Jennifer S.

Menopause Discomfort/Heavy Bleeding

"I’d always heard about the difficult changes women can go through when they experience menopause but never imagined I would be one of those women. In my mid-forties I began experiencing hot flashes, an erratic and unpredictable menstrual cycle, and emotional mood swings that left me feeling angry and negative most of the time.  But when I began having intense, excessive bleeding with giant clots every hour on the hour with almost no break between my cycles I became exhausted.  I was becoming depleted of iron and  my blood pressure was measuring high.

During the worst of all this I had one session of remote BodyTalk with Rebecca and the results were truly amazing!  The heavy bleeding stopped and now I am back to my normal cycle.  I felt very refreshed and cleansed after our treatment and feel that Rebecca really linked some deeply buried connections.  I will be forever thankful!"
- Sandra S.

Chronic Back Pain/Knee Pain/Headaches

“Rebecca has helped me to understand that I don’t need to live my life in pain. When I first came to see her for BodyTalk I had been experiencing back painevery day for the last 15 years. I also lived with knee pain for much of my life; in addition to chronic headaches. After a number of sessions of BodyTalkALL those pains have  been eliminated from my life! In addition, BodyTalk has helped me deal with stress, and helped me to understand where the stress starts. I seem to have a much easier time dealing with what used to be stressful situations. Rebecca has made it so easy to be on her table; I find the whole process relaxing and comfortable. Whenever I see her for a BodyTalk session, I feel like I leave her office a better man.” -Dan P.


72 year old female has 7" ropey scar from 12 yr. old hysterectomy surgery. Six inches of it completely smoothes out and turns from brown to pale pink after one session. (Session was given interactively over the phone).

Emotional Pain

"Hi Rebecca, I've been meaning to email you for a long time. I had come in to see you for one session of BodyTalk a few months back. I have to tell you what you did worked beautifully. I felt crappy right after the session for a few days but then, after awhile, I noticed that I never had bad feelings around my father or brother anymore. All I feel is compassion and love. No more guilt. It is amazing because I was skeptical since nothing has worked before. I can't believe it went away with one session! Thanks so much and keep up the great work! " - Terri C.

Averted Surgery

"I just want to thank you Rebecca!  After hearing from medical doctors that our son had a condition that required no other alternative but invasive surgery, we decided to try BodyTalk to avoid the surgery.  Rebecca, in less than 24 hours our son’s condition has reversed itself in a way that can only be considered miraculous.  I’m sure his doctor is still scratching his head as the need for surgery has been completely averted and no further medical treatment is necessary!!  Thank you. Thank you."  - Mike R.


"I have experienced severe headaches 1-2 times per month most of my life, with the intensity increasing as I began to go through menopause. My headaches would last several days and significantly impacted my quality of life. After a few sessions of BodyTalk with Rebecca, my headaches have been eliminated. For the first time in 30 years, I have been headache free for 6 months!" - Kim B. (this was written in 2010 and client remains headache free today).

Headaches and Food Allergies

“For many years, I have experienced chronic headaches, food allergies/sensitivities as well as body aches and pains. I sought to alleviate my symptoms with chiropractic care, massage, and food avoidance. I found that all of these things helped to temporarily relieve my symptoms but nothing provided permanent relief.  However, with the help of BodyTalk, I no longer have chronic headaches, or body aches and pains. I can now eat any food of choice without having a reaction. I’m no longer taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis and I sleep better. My BodyTalk journey has also provided me with insights into myself for personal growth. BodyTalk has given me more relief of my chronic symptoms than anything else I have tried. - Margo F.

General Pain

"BodyTalk sessions with Rebecca have allowed me to experience 'awakenings' on all levels of my being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. During, or sometimes after a session, it feels like a dark cloud has lifted or a door has opened with a resulting surge of well being. Generally speaking, I feel more connected and comfortable with myself. On a more physical level I sleep better, have less pain and more energy. No drugs can ever give me the safe, effective and satisfying results I get from BodyTalk. Rebecca's caring and professional therapy enriches my entire life. Thank you Rebecca!" - L.S.

Digestive Problems/Sugar Cravings

40 year old female complains of digestive problems including burping, bloating and gas.  Female is taking 3-4 Tums per day.  She has been having this problem for over six months.  After two sessions of BodyTalk female states digestion has greatly improved and now she is only taking 1 Tum per month.  Also, sugar cravings have been greatly reduced.

Chronic Knee Pain

45 year old male complains of knee pain that has been bothering him for over a year.  Several sessions later knee pain is totally gone and remains so.


"I was diagnosed with Tinnitus (constant buzzing in my ear) several years ago.  My doctor told me the nerves in my ear were damaged and that there was no cure and I would just have to live with it.  After a series of sessions over the course of about a year, the buzzing in my ear is completely gone!  How wonderful to be able to fall asleep to the gentle sound of the wind outside instead of the constant, annoying buzz inside my ear!  Thank you so much." -   B.M.

Diet Coke Addiction

"Rebecca Maxcy and her body talk was a huge gift to me in 2009.  I had been addicted to diet coke (drinking up to 4 or 5 a day) and after one session, I never took another sip AND did not feel the withdrawal I thought I would.  I had actually given myself permission to wean off diet drinks, but I didn't need to do that.  I feel so much better (more energy, more positivity) AND lost weight in the process.  Thank you Rebecca.  You are a gem." - J.L.

Bacterial Infection

46 year old male presenting with large boil on arm. Medical diagnosis (blood tests) from his M.D. confirms a Staph and MRSA bacterial infection. His doctor recommends a three week course of antibiotics to start, and seeing what needs to be done after that. Client chooses not to take antibiotics; and instead, has two sessions of BodyTalk, in conjunction with daily BodyTalk Access. Boil completely heals in six weeks and a return trip to his medical doctor confirms his bacterial infection is no longer present.


"As a massage therapist, I am rather selective with whom I receive bodywork; which is why I am so grateful to have found Rebecca.  I enjoy routine sessions with Rebecca for her quality of touch, genuine interest in my well being, innate talent, and capacity to consistently perform high quality therapeutic work.


Upon hearing about BodyTalk I became curious and willing to try it; and am ever grateful for having done so.  I was amazed with the remarkably specific, accurate insights gleaned from the sessions.  It felt psychologically comforting and enjoyable, and proved physically beneficial as well. 


 I had been diagnosed with cervical cancer prior to seeing Rebecca for BodyTalk and after a short series of BodyTalk sessions was told by physician that my condition had improved.  In fact, it had improved enough that the treatment I received from my doctor was far less invasive than initially suggested and I am in remission and consider my cancer to be healed. 


The BodyTalk sessions have given me strength to help overcome fears, acknowledge deep inner personal areas in need of balancing, and the courage to look within. 


Rebecca has a true gift with hearing and conveying messages through BodyTalk, a graceful decorum and someone I felt safe with. I am very pleased with my BodyTalk experience."  - Jessica W.

Foot Pain

11 year old male complains that for the past six months he has been having foot pain (both feet around heels) after playing competitive soccer.  One session later pain is gone and no longer felt after soccer games.

Pelvic Pain

"I began having intense pelvic pain in February 2007. After seeing several specialists I was diagnosed with a severe uterus infection. I was put on three different antibiotics and given strong narcotics for my pain. One specialist advised a complete hysterectomy, which I chose not to do.


However, my pain re-occurred in December 2007. This time my doctor informed me I had a yeast infection and I was prescribed medication for it.


Then in August 2008 I had yet another flare-up. My doctor ran more tests, I had more exams and was advised to see a Urologist. My pain was reaching intolerable levels and I felt fearful of having the hysterectomy that was recommended in 2007.


I had heard about BodyTalk and this time after leaving my doctor's office I went to see Rebecca to experience one of her BodyTalk sessions. Two days later I was completely pain free and have remained so since that time. I didn't have to manage my pain with drugs, take any more antibiotics or have any costly or unnecessary surgeries. I am so grateful for BodyTalk.


Rebecca provided a safe and caring environment and I highly recommend her services. Her ability to tune into my body and help it heal was a profound experience for me. I totally trust Rebecca and The BodyTalk System! Thank you so much!" -M.B.


*Update received via email 4/2106:  "Dear Rebeccca,  I am happy to say I am STILL PAIN FREE from my uterus and bladder problems in 2007 and 2008.  BodyTalk really works!  Thank you again!" - M.B.


"Receiving BodyTalk Therapy from Rebecca Maxcy is a unique and valuable method that I have had the honor to experience many times. I am amazed by the variety that this therapy has influence over, and how well various systems of my body are being connected.


The immediate calming and unifying affect on me seems to prolong over time and is actually the cause for me to know when its time to call Rebecca again. Her treatments feels safe, respectful and nurturing. I understand that deeply stored memories on the cellular level and beyond are being linked to others, and organs in the body are restored and balanced to their originally designed function. It's just amazing!


This gentle tapping to connect systems has also been tremendously supportive on my spiritual journey. The support that I receive from Rebecca through the BodyTalk System has strengthened my ability to be intuitive, listen to my gut feelings and allowed me to further facilitate my healing. Rebecca provided me with all the answers to my endless questions and gave me eloquent feedback during and after each session. Thank God for BTS and Rebecca Maxcy!" - A.K.



Testimonials for Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT)


QAT Session for Emotional Release:


I struggle with many traumatic experiences and being bipolar. I have been in therapy for years and have recently been on an EMDR journey, that while helpful and impactful, is a very slow process and the pain has been all but debilitating as it causes secondary symptoms such as IBS and long depressive episodes. I came to Rebecca for a QAT treatment where we focused on two of the most recent and crippling traumas in my life.

She had me go to the memories again in a safe and guided setting with her using the QAT pads. I felt the extreme body reactions and emotional turmoil that always come up for me during these memories, but then they began to fade and a peace came over me. The memories became as if they were just a fact I know, not a thing I feel connected to. It really did feel like “EMDR on steroids”! I’m beyond grateful to Rebecca for her healing gifts that she has shared with me and my family and I couldn’t recommend her enough!  ~ Mary S.


QAT Session for Numbness in Leg & Migraines:


I came to Rebecca post cancer treatment for synovial sarcoma and I have had long term numbness in my leg and severe migraines. After an initial QAT session, I gained some feeling back in my leg and I could use it better than before. Although, after a few a few days, my body was releasing a lot of trauma from my previous cancer treatment so I came back for a second treatment and she further recovered feeling in my leg and cleared all the trauma in my body. I went back for a third treatment to try and get rid of my headaches. She used the QAT pads to discover more imbalances along with giving me wonderful advice, and I’m currently a few days completely headache free! In short, Rebecca’s treatments are some sort of amazing magic; she has a lifelong customer right here! ~ Rain S.



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