Bemer Rental Program


Now you can experience the Bemer Vascular Therapy System in the comfort of your own home.

  **Available only to local Seattle, WA area residents.



How Does It Work?

Rent a Bemer Pro-Set for 30 days and discover the benefits of increased blood flow for yourself . . .

Educate Yourself and Learn About the Bemer

Step 1:  Learn about the Bemer

Free Training and Usage

Step 2:  Schedule your rental

A time will be set, either at my office in Duvall or in the privacy of your home, to properly train you and provide you with all instructional material on how to maximize your use of the Bemer.  Addditional support via email and phone is available during your 30 day rental.

Relax and Enjoy the Benefits

Step 3:  Enjoy

Relax in your own home with our 30 day rental and begin your wellness journey now!



*Disclaimer:  Bemer products are not a substitute for professional medical care. There are no medical claims being made.  There is no intended diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition or disease.


Bemer products supports your body’s natural healthy functions, wellness and fitness. I am an Independent Bemer Distributor.


Call me for more information or to schedule an appointment.



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