Distant Healing Sessions

What is a Distant Healing Session?

Distant Healing is a BodyTalk Session given remotely over the phone where the practitioner does the work from the clinic, and you receive the session from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. It can be effectively performed from any distance, whether you are across the city, or in a different country.


Throughout our history as the human race, people have believed that healing can take place at a distance.  They believe it, because they have experienced it or seen its effects in others.  Sometimes it’s in the form of a formal healing event, other times through prayer or focused intention.  We’ve known in our hearts that this is real.  And now scientific research is confirming it.


I prefer to use the term “nonlocal” when referring to healing effects at a distance, because it’s more accurate.  The term “nonlocal” means an event or effect that is not confined to the here and now – beyond space and time. Nonlocal phenomena are not in doubt in modern physics.   In fact, nonlocality is recognized as an innate feature of the natural world.


Some of us are comfortable with expressing all this in terms of God, or spiritual healing.  In this language, we can say that all true healing comes from Divine healing power.  What is so exciting is that now many scientists on the cutting edge of biology and especially physics are approaching similar language to describe their findings.  In the field of healing, we truly can witness the meeting of science and spirit!


The Science Behind Distant Healing:

  • Quantum physics describes this phenomenon as a non-local quantum hologram, which means that information via the mind/body can be accessed by connected parties without the parties being in the presence of each other. I 'connect' by using the name sometimes a picture of the person.

  • In scientific experiments, when live cells from the same person are separated by miles, whatever is done to one of the cells is reflected in the other cells miles away.

  • Non-local events happen all the time. People experience it (particularly twins) when one person knows what has happened to the other even though they are separated by thousands of miles. Experiments with dogs have shown that some dogs can detect the moment their owner leaves work (the distance is well beyond the capabilities of the sense of smell).


  • For research on BodyTalk non-local healing click here.


How Do Your Distant BodyTalk Healing Sessions Work?

A distant Healing sessions works very similiarly to an in-person session.  A time is scheduled with the practitioner and payment is payed via paypal in advance.


At the scheduled time you make a call to the practitioner.  It is ideal if  you are in a comfortable location and can have uninterrupted time for the duration of the call (approx. 45 minutes to one hour).


The first part of the call there will be dialogue about what is going on with you and what the focus or desired outcome of the session will be.  Then the session takes place with the client interactively over the phone.  After the session there is a brief time for questions and answers.


Similiar to in person sessions you may feel sleepy, energized, settled, peaceful, experience less pain or have any number of other experiences or results.  No matter what, you can hang up the phone knowing that your body/mind/spirit made positive shifts towards re-balancing and health.

Benefits of Distant BodyTalk Healing:

  • It can be used in emergency situations.

  • It is perfect for after surgeries to speed the recovery process.
  • It can be performed on anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • It allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home (ideal if there are no BodyTalk practitioners in your area, you are disabled, or to save time and avoid traffic).

  • It's great for young children (you don't have to bring them into the office, and they don't have to be still).

Results from Distant BodyTalk Healing:

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
“I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for several years. During one of my attacks I had a BodyTalk session and my tight breathing improved tremendously. When nothing else seemed to work, I received instant relief - and it was all done over the phone!
I have since had numerous sessions over the phone and I don’t know what I would do without BodyTalk. I feel calmer and more at peace after every session. Some of the things that have been uncovered about my past that are partly to cause for my anxiety today have been truly illuminating. It’s amazing, thank you so much!” -K.S.


72 year old female has 7" ropey scar from 12 yr. old hysterectomy surgery. Six inches of it completely smoothes out and turns from brown to pale pink after one session. (Session was given interactively over the phone).


Menopause Discomfort/Heavy Bleeding

"I’d always heard about the difficult changes women can go through when they experience menopause but never imagined I would be one of those women. In my mid-forties I began experiencing hot flashes, an erratic and unpredictable menstrual cycle, and emotional mood swings that left me feeling angry and negative most of the time.  But when I began having intense, excessive bleeding with giant clots every hour on the hour with almost no break between my cycles I became exhausted.  I was becoming depleted of iron and  my blood pressure was measuring high.

During the worst of all this I had one session of remote BodyTalk with Rebecca and the results were truly amazing!  The heavy bleeding stopped and now I am back to my normal cycle.  I felt very refreshed and cleansed after our treatment and feel that Rebecca really linked some deeply buried connections.  I will be forever thankful!"
- S.S.

Abdominal Pain
 “I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain at the start of 2010. I had a remote BodyTalk session with Rebecca, during which time we focused on my stomach. The next day, less than 24 hours after my session, I experienced immense relief as my abdomen pain entirely disappeared.  I credit my session with Rebecca for helping me discover the cause of my pain and allowing my body to heal itself.   I could have suffered a very different end result if not for my “miracle” encounter with BodyTalk and Rebecca Maxcy.” - S.S.

General Pain

"BodyTalk sessions with Rebecca have allowed me to experience 'awakenings' on all levels of my being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. During, or sometimes after a session, it feels like a dark cloud has lifted or a door has opened with a resulting surge of well being. Generally speaking, I feel more connected and comfortable with myself. On a more physical level I sleep better, have less pain and more energy. No drugs can ever give me the safe, effective and satisfying results I get from BodyTalk. Rebecca's caring and professional therapy enriches my entire life. Thank you Rebecca!" - L.S.

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