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QAT Session for Emotional Release:


II struggle with many traumatic experiences and being bipolar. I have been in therapy for years and have recently been on an EMDR journey, that while helpful and impactful, is a very slow process and the pain has been all but debilitating as it causes secondary symptoms such as IBS and long depressive episodes. I came to Rebecca for a QAT treatment where we focused on two of the most recent and crippling traumas in my life.

She had me go to the memories again in a safe and guided setting with her using the QAT pads. I felt the extreme body reactions and emotional turmoil that always come up for me during these memories, but then they began to fade and a peace came over me. The memories became as if they were just a fact I know, not a thing I feel connected to. It really did feel like “EMDR on steroids”! I’m beyond grateful to Rebecca for her healing gifts that she has shared with me and my family and I couldn’t recommend her enough!  ~ Mary S.

QAT Session for Numbness in Leg & Migraines:


I came to Rebecca post cancer treatment for synovial sarcoma and I have had long term numbness in my leg and severe migraines. After an initial QAT session, I gained some feeling back in my leg and I could use it better than before. Although, after a few a few days, my body was releasing a lot of trauma from my previous cancer treatment so I came back for a second treatment and she further recovered feeling in my leg and cleared all the trauma in my body. I went back for a third treatment to try and get rid of my headaches. She used the QAT pads to discover more imbalances along with giving me wonderful advice, and I’m currently a few days completely headache free! In short, Rebecca’s treatments are some sort of amazing magic; she has a lifelong customer right here! ~ Rain S.

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