What is The Seraphim Blueprint?

Thirteen thousand years ago a group of high angels called Seraphim created a cosmology that humanity could use for its 'well-being and evolution.' Atlantean priests first cognized this system. Then the early Hebrews re-cognized these energies and created the Kabbalah. In modern times the energies resurfaced in 1994 when one of the original Seraphim contacted Ruth Rendely, a meditation instructor.


The Seraphim Blueprint is a cosmological collection of energies that are permanently stored in the ethers. The Seraphim that created this system chose to give out these energies in a specific sequence that harmoniously integrates with our nervous systems.


The system includes 11 major energies that synergistically interact to enhance our life-force energy and well-being. Each major energy has its own purpose and distinct quality that together provides a unique evolutionary pathway for Self-Awareness.


The energies are safe and intelligent and are pre-programmed to ideally adapt to our unique life situation and physical condition. They work on all levels of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


These angelic initiations are facilitated in one or two-day workshops, long distance, via conference calls, or through Skype.  Even if you live in a remote, rural area you will be able to receive these energies in the comfort of your own home, as long as you have access to these forms of communication.


The 11 energy waveforms are introduced in classes (levels) systematically.  Rebecca received her Teacher Training directly from Ruth Rendely, the founder of the system, in 2017; and is qualified to teach all six levels of the Serpahim Blueprint System.  To discover more about the Serpaphim Blueprint and it's founder visit the official website, www.seraphimblueprint.com

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