Ways to Promote Self Healing and Relieve Pain Naturally

Pain is your body's signal.  It is alerting you that something may be out of balance.  To ignore your pain and simply cover it up with medications does little to help your body heal itself.  


In the age of Big Pharma we've all but forgotten that our Grandmother used to treat many of the family's aches and pains with simple home remedies long before the advent of asprin, ibuprofen, NSAIDS, muscle relaxers and the myraid of other more potent pain relief medications; all of which add a toxic load to the liver and kidneys.


These home remedies can give you relief from pain, but more importantly they help your body's natural healing process so it can do it's job even more efficiently and get you on the path to health. 


Next time you're in pain - look for things that stimulate your body's natural healing ability while giving you relief.  You might be surprised to find that relief is simpler than you think and available right in your kitchen cupboard . . .

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